Union Square is not only an up-and-coming  foodie destination, but also a hub for live music where venues keep on blossoming. And nothing is tastier than good food paired with good music!

Bull Mc Cabes
366A Somerville Avenue | 617.440.6045
Open Since 2008
Booking agent  Brian Manning
Kind of music you’ll find  traditional Irish, funk, jazz, reggae, soul
Upcoming  Wednesdays: KONG (thunderfunk); Thursdays: Dub Down (reggae) ; Fridays : Jess Tardy Band : amazing singer/songwriter similar to Norah Jones & Bonnie Raitt ; Sundays : Dub Apocalypse : reggae, jazz, soul and funk.
When  Tues-Sun
Don’t miss Jess Tardy Band every Friday (in the picture)
Web site : http://www.bullmccabesboston.com/

Cantina la Mexicana
247 Washington St. | 617.776.5232
Booking agent Peter Ward
Kind of music you’ll find bluegrass, blues, country, folk and western swing; new artists
When Thur & Fri nights
Upcoming  Once-a-month residencies : Roy Sludge Trio drinkin’ and truckin’ songs with brilliant guitarist feat Duke Levine (on the left in the picture, Roy Sludge is on the right), Peter Hi-Fi Ward playing traditional blues and swing
Cover none
Don’t miss Sarah Levecque is a vivid example of a rising talent, local singer-songwriter who’s garnered attention by writing terrific poignant songs and singing them simply and beautifully. She plays May 25
Web site : http://www.cantinalamexicana.com/

Machu Picchu
307 Somerville Ave | 617-628-7070
Booking agent: Owner Rosy Cerna
Kind of music you’ll find   Traditional Peruvian  and Andean music, including the groups Andes Cosmos (in the picture with Rosy Cerna), Grupo Machu Picchu, y Son del Sol playing criollos, cumbias, huyanos or valses peruanos.
When : Friday nights
Cover none
Don’t miss There is live music and often dance performances every Friday night
Web site : http://www.machupicchuboston.com/

PA’s Lounge
345 Somerville Ave | 617-776-1557
Booking agent  Jinsen Liu
Kind of music you can find  local rock, pop, punk, indie, new and upcoming bands. They recently started programming hip hop and folk.
When  Wed-Sun
Cover  Yes, $7-15
Don’t miss « Deep heaven now » on May 4 and 5,  a 2-day festival including 25 exciting local up-and-coming new local bands as well as some regional and national acts ; festival is held at PAs lounge and Precinct.(Ghost Box Orchestra during last year’s Deep Heaven, by Tom Gilmore)
Web site : http://www.paslounge.com/

70 Union Square | 617.623.9211
Booking agent  Robert Elliott
Kind of music you can find  indie rock, folk, rock’n’roll, some punk and hard rock bands
Upcoming  Next April, Wednesday residency by TÔMN with special guests.
Sundays : early show at 8 :30 with local artist, Marc Pilansky playing an acoustic set with special guests,  followed by Rumors of a Strange Universe.
When  Every night
Cover  Yes around $10, except if no cover is indicated
Don’t miss local artist Andrea Gillis plays on April 7th (in the picture)
Web site :http://www.precinctbar.com/

379-381 Somerville Ave | 617.764.0005
Booking agent : Aimee McGrath, Chris Barrett and Robin Goodhue
Kind of music you can find : Rock, indie, local bands
When : Tues- Sun
Cover : yes, $5-10 except if free show indicated
Don’t miss Needy visions (in the picture) and Viva Viva on April 28th
Web site : http://radiobarunion.com

Sally O’Brien’s
335 Somerville Ave | 617-666-3589
Booking agent  Jonas Kahn
Kind of music you can find  reggae, roots rock, alt country & bluegrass
When  Every night except Wednesdays, Thur- Sat : early shows at 6pm ; late shows at 9pm
Upcoming  Mondays : the 9 piece band with horns, Duppy Conquerors, is playing the songs of Bob Marley.
Tuesdays : indie music with Kristen Ford and special guests
Cover: No cover except if  indicated
Don’t miss the Duppy Conquerors every Monday at 10pm (in the picture)
Web site : http://www.sallyobriensbar.com/






Third Life Studios offers regularly world music performances. And don’t forget to stop by Somerville Grooves to get some great records!