Join us with Black Owned Bos on Thursday, June 16th from 4-9pm in commemorating and celebrating Juneteenth at Bow Market through a showcase of Black Art and Culture. Nibble Kitchen will be hosting Kimberly Hydes from @cream_boston. (C.R.E.A.M. stands for cakes rule everything around me). Read more about her below and come over on June 16th to try some gourmet ice cream cakes.

Kimberly went to culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu and she has been a part of the Boston food industry for the past ten years. Both of her parents are from Honduras but she is Dorchester born and raised. Growing up Kimberly was always in the kitchen with her mom helping her make dinner. She can remember family members coming back from Honduras with pineapple cookies and it being the best day ever. By the time she was eleven she mastered how to make brown sugar pie!

Kimberly worked in multiple areas of the food industry, and eventually she found herself creating pastries and decided she should see where that would take her. One day an ice cream cake was made for a friend and he had too much left over and couldn’t fit it in his freezer. That’s when she had the idea to make ice cream cakes individually portioned. Since then, she has been doing that, taking something as classic and basic as ice cream cake and applying all her knowledge and skills to elevate it to the next level.

One of Kimberly’s goals with C.R.E.A.M. is to create a healthy work environment. “I’ve worked in many places that don’t care about their employees. But I was lucky enough to work in a healthy work environment as well so I made sure to take a mental note of all the things I loved about it. I would try my best to implement those same healthy habits with my future employees” said Kinmberly.

“Having a healthy work environment is important for me because we spend more time at work than anywhere else so it needs to be an encouraging and motivating space” she added. Kinmberly wants to use her business to help people from her community. She wants to be able to hire the youth to give them another way to stay off the street and help them build their resume to gain work experience. “I want to hire people that may be having a hard time finding a job because of a non violent offense on their record” she added.