Save the date!

On Sunday, April 17th, from 11:30 -2:00 pm, help Kalpana K. launch her business, which features homemade traditional Indian curries made easy with all-in-one meal kits, just add water and cook!

Kalpana is the founder of Kays Curries, an online store featuring ready-to-cook kits for delicious authentic Indian food. “Indian food can take time to cook: There’s the prep time, the complex spices, and the actual cooking time,” says Kalpana, who came up with her business idea trying to simplify the cooking process and yet have sustainable healthier options—for herself, and then others. That’s how Kays Curries was born, to solve my own problem and cook quickly delicious Indian food. No prep, no grocery shopping, no subscriptions. To enjoy Kays curries, just add water to your kit and cook for 15 min.

Kay’s Curries,  Traditional Indian food simplified.