A master of pupusas

We’re thrilled to welcome Edwin Orellana to our Nibble program.  Edwin is a master of pupusas, corn patties made from masa harina (cornmeal flour) and water. They are usually stuffed with delicious things like refried beans, shredded pork, or cheese. Edwin’s pupusas take it up a notch with adventurous items like bacon, chicken tinga, caramelized onions, and zucchini tucked inside. 

Originally from Tecoluca, El Salvador, a small town with a view of a giant volcano named Chichontepec, Edwin grew up around corn. His father was a farmer, and grew corn along with other produce. His mother, meanwhile, would make countless products using corn, including pupusas and tortillas. 

“When I was younger, I couldn’t make tortillas,” says Edwin. “My mom made it look so easy, but for me it was hard. When I first came to Boston, I started to make them by hand. I finally got good.” Edwin smiles and adds, “Now I show my mom by video that I can do it. I say: Look! And these days I also teach my young daughter how to make them.”

Edwin will be selling several different varieties of pupusas—served with curtido, a slightly crunchy slaw—at Nibble Kitchen on Thursdays evenings and for both lunches and dinner on Saturday.

“A lot of people here haven’t tried pupusas,” Edwin explains. “So I’m excited to make them for people, and to share a little part of El Salvador through food.” He pauses, then continues, “You leave your country, but you come here to represent your people.”