Her Specialty:

Nagisa’s focus at Nibble Kitchen will be introducing traditional Japanese Bento Boxes to the Somerville community. She’ll also serve Japanese rice balls called onigiri — her version is a nod to her grandfather’s Okinawa origins and her past restaurant experience. Nagisa explains that both dishes are “food for the eyes,” as presentation is a key feature to Japanese cuisine and something deeply important to Nagisa. Our chef also will be offering super crispy marinated chicken and several other items to round out her menu.

Business Dream:

“Nagomi’s Bento Box,” the business she’ll be promoting while at Nibble Kitchen, will hopefully be a stand-alone restaurant one day — a place where hospitality and approachability will be a big part of the mission.

Nagomi hopes to spend the year perfecting her craft and enlarging her clientele while introducing people to the joy of Bento. Our chef seeks to make people happy and entertain menu suggestions from the public while maintaining the authenticity of her cuisine.

Her Story

Born in California and growing up in greater Tokyo, Japan, Nagisa has her made way to Somerville, MA a city that has captured her heart.

Nagisa has always had competitive streak in her life. As a former athlete she learned the importance of nourishing her body and started focusing on healthy cooking. She was able to combine her passions in her bento boxes, where she incorporates well balanced sides with hearty and filling mains.

As Nagisa explains, Japanese bento boxes not only represent a nourishing meal in Japanese culture but also a way to provide care and joy for those who eat it.