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A sneak peek of “Nibble At Home”
“Leche Cortada” or “Cuajadillo”

By Nibble Entrepreneur Sandra Suarez

– A glass of milk
– One lime’s juice
– A spoon of sugar or honey
– Frozen berries or any fruit to want!

TIP: Use frozen lime juice. This is an excellent way to keep lime fresh, just put the juice in ice cube trays. You also can freeze the zest.

If you like citrus flavor you will not be disappointed. This Bolivian beverage has the consistency of yogurt, and it is very easy to prepare.

1. Mix the lime juice with the milk. If you are using frozen juice wait around 30 minutes until everything is mixed.

2. Add the sugar or honey if you prefer.

3. Finally mixed the fruit and enjoy it!

Meet Sandra Suarez

Sandra hails from Guayaramerín, Bolivia,  is a well-traveled woman with a philanthropic spirit and a love for cooking and nutrition. Sandra first left her country when she volunteered with the United Nations. She first spent 7 months in Haiti, and then later 7 months in Congo, alongside the Bolivian army as a civil volunteer. In Congo, she worked in the kitchen, which spurred her passion for feeding people. Later, she came to Boston, to study English and be with her now husband, originally from Brazil.

Sandra will be sharing more delicious ways to use lime and lemon. You’ll be surprised of the diversity of the recipes. Stay tuned!