Come graze at Nibble!

As you may have heard, Nibble Kitchen is opening its doors officially Tuesday, Dec. 3! In the meantime, we invite everyone to come to our ongoing soft opening. Come by and try some delicious fare; then give us your feedback by filling out a questionnaire! Be part of the Nibble community and help our chefs succeed.

*Please note that the menu and hours may shift slightly; also note that we may sell out some nights. Follow us on social media for updates

*Credit cards preferred

*All Nibble food photography by Gilbert Yao.

Thursday Nights with Chef Sandra Suarez (5-9pm)
Bolivian native Sandra will be serving Anticuchos Bolivianos (kebabs), a popular street food in her native country.

Bolivian Beef Anticucho – $12
Marinated beef, grilled with onions, peppers, potatoes, yuca with rice, finished with peanut sauce
Bolivian Veggie Anticucho (Vegan) – $10
Grilled mushrooms, onions, peppers, potatoes, yuca, with rice finished with peanut sauce
Bolivian Quinoa Fritters (GF) – $8
Chicha de Mani (vegan)
Spiced peanut milk garnished with shredded coconut (served hot)


Friday Lunches with Chef Afruza Akther (11am-3pm)
Bangladesh native Afruza will be offering delicious Bengali street food featuring a variety of Kati rolls with homemade roti

Kati Roll – $8
Chicken: Handmade layered paratha bread, curried halal chicken, onions, green chilies and spice blend
Veg: Handmade layered paratha bread with braised seasonal Veggies, spice blend (potatoes, cauliflower, eggplant, pumpkin)
Snack – $5
Lentil and chickpea fritter mixed with cilantro, onion, green chilies, spice blend
Served with bengali kasundi sauce (mustard sauce )
Dessert – $5
Drinks – $3
Ginger Tea
(Ada Cha)
Loose black tea, cloves, bayleaves, fresh ginger


Friday Nights with Chef Robson Lemos (5-9pm)
Brazilian native Robson will be serving an Afro-Brazilian dish from his native state of Bahia.

Acaraje Traditional – $10
Black-eyed pea fritters stuffed with whole shrimp, salsa, and vapata (*peanut sauce)
Acaraje Veggie (V)- $8
Black-eyed pea fritters filled with loaded Brazilian salsa and vapata (*peanut sauce)
Yuca fries
Beef – $8
Crispy yuca fries loaded with Brazilian salsa, parmesan cheese and beef
Regular – $6
Crispy yuca fries loaded with Brazilian salsa, parmesan cheese
Drinks – $3
Brazilian juices (Maracuja, cajuil, guava)


Saturday Lunch with Chefs Carolina Garcia and Carolina Salinas (11am-3pm)
This dynamic duo from Caracas, Venezuela are masters of the arepa — the ultimate Venezuelan street food, a sliced corn patty with a variety of fillings. The “Carolicious” brand of arepa are extra tasty thanks to their signature creamy basil sauce.

*Gluten-free *All drizzled in a signature basil sauce!

Arepas options…
Catira: Shredded chicken and cheese – $6
Domino: Black beans and cheese – $6
Best Buddies: Plantains and cheese – $6
Pabellon: Shredded braised chicken, black beans, plantain, and mozzarella chesse – $8
Drinks – $4
Meyer lemonade
Sweetened with cane sugar


Saturdays evenings and Sundays brunch with Chef Meqdes Mesfin

(Saturdays 5-9pm, and Sundays 11-2pm)
Ethiopian native Meqdes makes a variety of delicious “wots” – toothsome stews served with Injeera (Ethiopian flatbread).

Saturday Evening

*All stews are served with injera and tomato salad (we have a GF option injera )

SPICY BEEF  Onions, berbere, spice blend
( Siga Wot )
BRAISED VEG Potatoes, carrots, cabbage, turmeric, spice blend
SPICY LENTIL Red lentils, berebere, spice blen
(Misir Wot)
MILD LENTIL Split peas (lentil) turmeric spice blend
(Kik Alicha )
Pick ONE $8 or TWO $15
SHAI TEA black tea,  spiced with cardamom, cinnamon and cloves
Served hot

Sunday Brunch

FIRFIR – $10
injera soaked in spicy beef stew, served with tomato salad and scrambled eggs
Torn flatbread made from scratch soaked in savory herbed butter, served with yogurt, tomato salad and scrambled eggs
Black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves