Posted on February 16th, 2016

What happened with Pão de Açúcar?

Pão de Açucar, the Brazilian market located at 57 Union Square in Somerville, has changed its name to Mineirão, One Stop MarketThis corner store has offered Latin American groceries, meat, and an affordable Brazilian buffet for years in Union Square. Not only has Mineirão changed its name, its also has undergone a makeover making it more spacious and easier to get to our favorite products: from spices and pão de queijo (cheese bread) to yummy treats such as doce de leite (milk fudge), and Brazilian chocolate Easter eggs filled with chocolate, Mineirão has it all! 

What you will find in the market

Most of the customers hail from Brazil but the market has a little bit of everything for everyone:

  • Pão de queijo, a tiny cheese puff made with yuca flour and a slightly sour, tangy fresh cheese. It is a popular snack and breakfast food in Brazil. They smell awesome when they’re hot!
  • Cured meats for feijoada, a stew of beans with beef and pork. Feijoada is Brazil’s national dish, and the name comes from feijão, the Portuguese word for “beans”.
  • Various forms of açaí, a super fruit high in antioxidants from Brazil’s rain forest. The açaí palm is a species of palm tree in the genus Euterpe cultivated for its fruit and hearts of palm.
  • Popular Brazilian cakes, breads, pastries and treats including dino and kinder chocolate eggs.
  • A delicious Brazilian buffet for all tastes that includes meats, pasta, rice, beans, diverse vegetables, and salad.
  • General merchandise, like soccer shirts, perfume, and more!

Easter eggs hung from the ceiling. Lacta, is the best-selling brand of chocolate Easter eggs in Brazil.


Visit the store and do not hesitate to ask about the products, all the Brazilian employees that work there are friendly and happy to help with your shopping. Do you need company? Sign up for one of our market tours and visit three international markets in Union Square. Tours are free and a great way to get the most out of the awesome markets that Union Square has to offer!

Check out this video highlighting the diverse offerings at Mineirão, and meet the store owner Francisco Silva.