Nibble Business: Brazil Green

Diego & Ana Lúcia de Mendonça


Culinary and business background

Diego de Mendonça, Chef and Owner of Brazil Green, began his culinary journey in Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil. He started in his mother’s grocery store, where she enjoyed seeing his passion for food and inventiveness. Diego’s cousin also saw his potential and purchased him a pushcart, which he used to launch a  successful business selling espetinho (Brazilian beef skewers). Chef Diego then ran his own Pasteleria for a year, and continued working in restaurants in Aracaju.    

The move to Somerville

Ana Lúcia and Diego met in Brazil over 9 years ago, where Diego’s crab moqueca won her heart and revealed his culinary talent and generosity. They moved to Somerville in 2018 on the advice of friends from their church, where Diego began cooking for the congregation, eventually introducing his vegan recipes with great success.

Brazil Green, a vegan Brazilian restaurant

Diego and Ana Lúcia created Brazil Green to promote healthy eating and sustainability while celebrating the vibrant flavors of Brazilian cuisine. Their shift to veganism reflects a deep connection to nature and animals. They hope to open a prominent vegan restaurant in Somerville or Cambridge, catering to Brazilian and non-Brazilian, vegan and non-vegan diners alike. Diego also plans to conduct training sessions and cooking classes, sharing his expertise and passion for crafting delicious vegan dishes.

Favorite ingredient 

Diego’s favorite ingredients include tofu, cilantro, and mushrooms. Tofu and soy-based products are consistently used across Chef Diego’s menu, for their versatility and potential as a vehicle for various flavors.

Commitment to community initiatives

Diego and Ana Lúcia are passionate about helping others, both locally and abroad. They often prepare meals to raise money for nonprofits such as Fraternity for Humanity and Fraternity without Borders. When Diego and Ana Lúcia are not vending at Nibble you can still find Diego cooking for his church community, and Ana Lúcia running her own aesthetics business, Analuxspa, located in Malden.