Nibble Cooking Classes

We’re announcing cooking classes in the near future. Check back soon. We can’t wait to have classes in the new Nibble Kitchen space! Make sure to follow the Nibble Kitchen Facebook and Instagram page for the latest updates!

Take a tour of Union Square markets!

Nibble all started with Union Square International Market tours and we continue those tours today. The square’s numerous markets offer a wealth of culinary delights and are not only ethnically diverse – ranging from Brazilian to Indian – they serve a surprisingly broad clientele, as well. You can visit the shops on your own (see the Markets section or pick up a brochure at City Hall or a Union Square shop) or take a group tour; either way you’ll discover the delicious diversity of Union Square!

Each group tour visits three markets. Tours are free but we encourage you to buy a few things during the tour!

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.37.59 AMDownload the brochure:

English Version

Spanish Version

Portuguese Version



Market Tours in the News

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