Nibble Kitchen restaurant is an innovative concept, we offer an international menu that rotate day by day featuring chefs from Somerville’s rich community. Here are some of our most FA&Q

Where is Nibble Kitchen restaurant?

Nibble Kitchen is located in 1 Bow Market Way (entrance by 345 Somerville Ave.), Union Square Somerville. We are part of 30+ independent food, art, and retail shops around a public courtyard in the heart of Union Square.

When is Nibble Kitchen open?

We open from Wed. – Sun. To see our hours please check our menu page.

Do you really serve authentic global dishes?

Oh yes! We have a wide-ranging international menu that rotates day by day. Our Nibble chefs hail from countries spanning the globe and they’ve been honing these recipes from their homelands for years.

So you have a global rotating menu; what does that mean?

We have a different menu each day (Thursday – Sunday). This way different chefs have a chance to vend and YOU have the chance to try many different cuisines!  Since we opened we have served Brazilian street food, Ethiopian wots, Venezuelan arepas,  Bolivian anticuchos and Bengali Kati rolls. Please see our current menu here. We have a lot of variety but our quality is always the same.

Do you serve lunch and dinner?

Depends of the day! Please see our current menu here.

What do you mean global eats by local peeps?

Our chefs are local but they represent cuisines from around the world—countries like Bangladesh, Brazil, Bolivia and Ethiopia and Venezuela; and our Kitchen Manager, Aly Lopez, is Mexican-American.

You have strong cultural component, right?

We do! Nibble Kitchen is part of Nibble, the Somerville Arts Council (SAC) initiative that celebrates culinary-cultural exchange and supports immigrant communities. Nibble also offers lots of interactive cultural programming, like cooking classes, tours of Union Square markets and events like the annual Ignite festival.

If there is any change in the menu, how can I know?

Check our menu on this site. And definitely follow us on Instagram and Facebook, too.

Nibble Kitchen doesn’t open every day, so what do you do the rest of the week?

The kitchen will also offer small cooking classes, demo dinner parties and there will be Nibble-led larger cultural events within Bow Market. We also like to give our fabulous Kitchen Manager Aly a few well-deserved days off!

Do you serve drinks?

We do! Depending on the shift, we serve beverages like Ginger Tea, Mint Horchata or hot Chicha de Maní. You can also enjoy the variety of drinks that Bow Market offers, such the amazing beers at Remnant Brewery and the ever-changing wines at Rebel Rebel wine bar.

Do I need reservation?

Not really, we have a very casual environment. If you are interested in having one of our chefs cater a small private event for you within our space, please let us know!  Send an email to

Update: You can now reserve a table to enjoy your meal in the patio. Learn more here. 

Do you have vegetarian/gluten free options in your menu?

Of course we do! It depends on the shift, so check our menu page for all the details but here are just a few examples. Swing by lunch on Sundays for gluten-free arepas (vegetarian fillings are served too), or vegetarian Bengali bowls, on either Friday or Saturday.

Do you have parking?

In front of Bow Market you can find metered parking, along Somerville Ave (in front of Market Basket as well).

I love Nibble Kitchen, how can I hear more about it?

Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter here!

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Twitter: @NibbleKitchen