Nibble Kitchen

Bow Market, 337 Somerville Ave., Union Square

Opening late 2018/ early 2019, Nibble Kitchen will feature a wide-ranging international menu that rotates—Venezuelan arepas one day, Ethiopian wots the next—you get the picture! Look for us at Bow Market, a 30-unit retail space within a former warehouse at 337 Somerville Avenue in Union Square. The kitchen will also offer small cooking classes and demo dinner parties. It will be a place of cultural interchange where people can come together and share ideas through food, while experiencing exciting new flavors and dishes.

Like the overall Nibble initiative, the kitchen has a strong social justice and economic development component. Our entrepreneurs are predominantly female, hail from our rich immigrant communities, and some are lower income. Nibble Kitchen will allow them to test our restaurant concepts in a low-risk environment before launching independent businesses and share their cultures via food.

Nibble Kitchen will also:

+ Convey mission of the city by supporting our rich immigrant communities

+ Incubate entrepreneurs and generate spin-off businesses

+ Propel culinary tourism

+ Help maintain the diverse character of Union Square

+ Serve up delicious food you won’t find elsewhere!

Upcoming Events

3 weeks ago

Nibble Kitchen
THANK YOU ধন্যবাদAnd here it is, the last dinner of the first Bengali Supper Club. Thank you so much for being part of the club! Thanks to your weekly feedback, we know how much you have enjoyed Afruza's food, what dishes you love the most, and what kind of aspects we still need to improve. We will keep testing menus with Afruza, so if you didn’t join this time please stay tuned to learn more about our next Club in June, after Ramadan. Send us a message! And we will make sure the send you all the details. Meanwhile please keep in touch! Visit us at Nibble Kitchen and follow us on social media. ...
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