Behold: the winning entries from our recent ginger haiku and limerick contest. Congrats Daryl and Catherine! We’re also including a few haikus that made us smile. A big thanks to Aaron Cohen/eatboston for organizing a fabulous Ginger Explosion II event last night. See an article about the event and photos in the Somerville Patch. And follow @eatboston on twitter to learn about more fab local food events, including pop-up restaurants. And without further ado…

From Asia comes something exotic
About which I’ve grown quite neurotic
Packing punch in my food
In my hair, I’ve shampooed
Ah, Ginger –  I find you hypnotic.

—Daryl Achilles

All the other types of spice are moot.
There’s only one that will suit.
I confess I’ve become a binger
Who can’t resist the ginger.
Oh, you infatuating root.

—Catherine Cuddihee

Spirited root.
When bitten into
you bite back.

—Judy Wilburn

Sexy and sultry,
Ginger you enhance my dish.
Mary Ann, you’re not.

—Joanne Kaliontzis