Explore the exquisite landscape of Bengali cuisine and taste food you can’t find anywhere else!

COST: $100 Plus tax (Four Friday dinners)
Each dinner includes a complete meal for one person. If you would like to order more than one dinner, please just write it down in the comments section in the sign form.

Each Friday you’ll get an authentic and different Bengali dinner prepared by Nibble chef Afruza Akther. With this supper club, we’ll also be providing a little cultural information with each meal, so it will be a full culinary-cultural experience!

The Bengali supper club allows customers access to fantastic food, while also supporting Afruza and Nibble Kitchen. Like the community supported restaurant (CSR) concept, this supper club will help streamline Afruza’s business: she’ll know about your preferences, gain regular customers, and be able to widen her culinary offerings.

We will finalize the Supper Club menu soon, and we’ll keep you informed. In the meantime, take a look at the March menu– Afruza will keep the best dishes from it.

1st Meal – March 5th

Lentil and chickpea fritter with tamarind and Kasundi sauce
(gf, df, no nuts, vegan)

Beef Biryani
Authentic kalijeera Pulau rice with beef, braised in Bengali spices including
shahi jeera, green and black cardamon, kewra and rose water, and ginger paste
Sliced cucumber, tomatoes, onions, and lemon
(no nuts, df, gf)

Dimer Dopiaza
Bengali egg curry seasoned with bay leaves, roasted cumin, and turmeric
( gf, df, no nuts)

Mango Lassi
Yogurt, milk, and mango pulp

2nd Meal – March 12th

Chicken Keema Roll
Spiced ground chicken stuffed with beans, peas, and corn, rolled with flour dough
(nut free, df)

Bengali trio of:
Spinach cooked with whole shrimp; a Bengali tuna kebab; and tomato chutney with sliced garlic
Served with aromatic Basmati rice
(nut free, gf, df)

Yellow chickpea salad made with chopped red onions,tomatoes,
cucumbers, cilantro, and chili pepper
Served with a special Bengali sauce featuring several spices in mustard oil
(gf,df, no nuts, vegan )

3rd Meal – March 19th

Aloo Chop
Flavorful potato cakes, fried in chickpea batter with mint cilantro sauce
( nut-free, df, vegan, gf)

Bhuna Khichuri
Basmati rice, moong and red lentils cooked with turmeric and species
Served with shallow fried Begun Bhaja (eggplant) and golden onion
(nut-free, df, gf, vegan)

Booter Dal Murgir Mangsho
Chicken and split chickpea curry seasoned with spices
(nut-free, df, gf, vegan)

Orange juice with pulp and black salt

4th Meal – March 26th

Eggplant fried in chickpea batter served with fiery green chili sauce
(vegan, gf, df, nut-free)

Murgir roast
Bone-in chicken, braised in yogurt and spices including nutmeg, mace, alubukhara and nuts
Served with aromatic Kalijeera pulau rice, cucumber, tomato, onion and lemon slices

Salted mint drink made with yogurt, milk, cilantro, peppercorn, and  black salt
(nut-free, gf)

Dudh Shemai
Sweet Vermicelli pudding made in cardamom, cinnamon,
nuts, raisins, and fresh shredded coconut on top