NEW! Find Nibble Kitchen at the Union Square Farmers Market 

Every other Saturday starting May 13th through October 18th 

This year find your favorite chefs and entrepreneurs at the Union Square Farmers Market every other Saturday starting on May 13th. The Union Square Farmers Market has been a one stop shop for all things local and fresh, and Nibble is proud to increase opportunities for our entrepreneurs to share their cuisine and culture with the Somerville community. The Farmers Market runs from 9am to 1pm at 66-70 Union Square Plaza 

Nibble Kitchen will be featuring TWO vendors every other week from the following vendors:  

  • Nagomi Bento, creative and delicious Japanese Bento Boxes
  • CocoBelly, Jamaican Cuisine serving island favorites such as Jamaican Patties
  • East Fruits Smoothies, refreshing fruit smoothies with tropical flair
  • Kay’s Curries, ready to cook healthy and filling Indian meals
  • Ilera Wellness, serving Plant-Based and Raw Foods with unique Benin flavors

For the latest information and farmers market dates for specific vendors follow us on Instagram and Facebook @nibblekitchensomerville