Nibble Kitchen is proud to present the Nibble Cooking Class Series 2023. Each class is led by a Nibble Chef and Program Graduate representing their home countries, cultures, and of course cuisines. Learn more about them below and purchase tickets here!

Gisele A.

Cooking Class: May 9th, Benin and Raw Food Fusion

Gisèle is a Certified Raw plant-based Chef, a cookbook author, and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She, along with her sister, is the founder and owner of Ilera Wellness, a holistic wellness coaching service. Her professional journey is incredible. With over a decade of experiences in Project management, two masters’ degree, a MBA, and three certifications, Gisèle made her way to become a Raw food Chef after reversing asthma and her daughter’s allergies using food as medicine (mindful eating) & lifestyle changes. 

Paula and Doris J.

Cooking Class: May 16th, Jamaican Cuisine

Cooking and baking have been a constant presence in both the chefs lives as both their mom and her sister would make delicious Jamaican dishes such as the national dish, ackee and saltfish (cod), curry goat, and oxtails with rice and peas. Their aunt also had a Jamaican restaurant near Ft. Lauderdale, FL for some years, and introduced them to more dishes, like Jerk chicken, Escovitch Fish (red snapper) with Bammy and Jamaican black cake. The chefs want to share what they grew up eating with folks in the community and have a discussion that connects their conversation and taste buds to the island. So come along and cook with Cocobelly Bites where the bites will keep your belly full!

Lymaris O.

Cooking Class: May 23th, Pasta and Sauce Making

Chef Lymaris learned to make pasta and this simple tomato sauce in one of her trips to the Italian Culinary Institute in Southern Italy. During her time there, making pasta from scratch was one of her favorite things to do, she found it fun and relaxing! Pasta making does not need to be complicated, and you can play with different shapes.

Vekonda Luangaphay

Cooking Class: May 30th, Lao Cuisine

Vekonda will be sharing her authentic family recipe and techniques straight from her Lao heritage and her momma’s kitchen. This class was brought to you by The Lao Food Project’s effort to preserve Lao culture in the U.S. by bringing America’s attention to authentic Lao cuisine by way of food shows, dinner parties, and cooking classes in the hopes of making Lao food become more mainstream. The Lao Food Project is an initiative of The Lao Project. The Lao Project was founded by Vekonda, and it is a collection of narrative portraits that highlight the life journey of Lao Americans for our future Lao American children to turn to. The long-term project provides a platform for Lao representation, to connect Lao communities across the nation, and to mentor future generations. We aim to preserve and empower Lao culture in America.

Madeeha and Kushboo

Cooking Class: June 4th, Indian and Pakistan Cuisine

Meet Desi Yums, the baby of two roommates who wanted to tell stories through South Asian food. Maddie and KB come from two countries with a lot of political tension, but they found a lot in common in their culinary tastes and traditions. Being working women, they missed the desi taste in their meals but had little time to recreate them due to their busy lifestyle. Desi Yums will teach you how you can quickly add South Asian flair into your meals, and convey how South Asian food can be a lot more than chicken tikka masala.