Welcome to our second installment of “Food from Afar,” a photo exploration of food and markets around the planet. “Food from Afar” is currently on view at the Inside Out Gallery (The Somerville Arts Council’s display windows in the CVS windows in Davis Square). Here at Nibble, we’re showcasing “Food from Afar” photography —and asking the participating local photographers to give us the back story behind each photograph, as well as tell us where they satisfy their taste for exotic food locally. In this post, Abby Neal tells us about her culinary adventures in Hong Kong.

Nibble: So tell us about the photograph above.

Abby Neal: This photo is of live crabs bound with rope. The street markets in Hong Kong are teeming with so many varities of seafood. As an island, Hong Kong has a strong connection to the seas and it is very evident in their cooking.

Nibble: And what about the photograph below?

Abby Neal: This was also taken in Hong Kong. It’s an alley fruit stand, with mangoes, apples, papayas, plums, lychee, pineapples, pears, etc. Most of the street markets are lit with those adorable red plastic lamps. When working in China, I loved to spend my down time wandering through the street markets. In general, I love to see new and exciting foods, and imagine how I’d cook them if I had a kitchen available to me while traveling. It is also great inspiration for shopping the ethnic markets at home in Somerville. I can look back at my photos as a shopping list to guide me.

Nibble: Were you able to taste the food that you photographed?

Abby Neal: Unfortunately I have not eaten the crabs, but i have tried many of the fruits in China. My favorites are yellow mangoes. Sometimes my coworkers would pluck them right from the trees growing next to the factory we would visit.

Nibble: Where do you satisfy your taste for exotic food in Somerville? Are some of the foods you found in Hong Kong available locally?

Abby Neal: Absolutely, the Reliable Market in the center of Union Square has lots of the foods & spices I like to enjoy while traveling in China.