Posted on January 19th, 2016

December is over, and after all the holiday celebrations enjoying family treats, chocolate santas, holidays cookies, and the frequent office parties and potlucks, many of us are ready to eat better. If you are one of those people determined to better yourself on the food front,  we have found the solution for eating healthy in the new year: Home cooked meals.

Why a home cooked meal is the first step to a healthier you:

  •  You can prepare your favorites dishes and avoid unhealthy ingredients

A Filipino pork dish featured in our upcoming Filipino cooking class

People who frequently cook meals at home eat healthier and consume fewer calories than those who cook less. Commercially prepared food is notoriously high in fat, salt, and sugar. Eating at home not only allows you to choose your favorites dishes, but also to be aware of the ingredients in your meal and to avoid unhealthy ingredients.. Not feeling like a master chef? No problem! If you need some advice in the kitchen and want to learn and try global flavors, take one of our nibble cooking classes this winter. Have full control over what you eat, and cook more at home!



  •  You can buy and choose your own variety of unprocessed foods

Somerville Winter Farmers Market

If you are buying food in the market, focus on items that have not been cooked, prepared, or altered in any way. These include fruits and vegetables of course, but also meat, fish, eggs, and whole grains. Eating two apples is much healthier than drinking a glass of apple juice that contains more sugar. Local groceries and farmers markets are great places to get fresh and nutritious food. Visit our local groceries in Union Square and don’t miss the Somerville winter farmers market on Saturdays, from 9:30-2pm on 191 Highland Ave. It offers the best locally grown produce and prepared goods around!  


  •  Eating with other people will make you happy

Fresh vegetables at Reliable Market in Union Square

Fresh vegetables at Reliable Market in Union Square

It will make you more likely to cook, and most likely make you eat more slowly. In addition, it has benefits even outside those of nutrition. Family meals provide opportunities to interact with your loved ones, and to share the day’s events. Children benefit greatly from the ritual of eating meals together. Cooking meals at home and involving your children in food preparation is the best way to teach them healthy eating habits.

We hope this one simple rule will help raise your consciousness of the food that you are eating.  Combining your new food mantra with some simple exercise, you will have a healthier year!