We are so proud to have you in the Nibble community. Thank you in advance for any support you can offer.  

This pandemic is exposing inequalities between have and have nots – globally and right here in Somerville. For those fortunate to be in a position to give right now, please consider joining us by supporting our community’s most vulnerable. If you have a little left over from your stimulus check, or are saving some money from not eating out, we encourage you to support one or more of Nibble’s main causes. We can tell you first hand: the need right now is urgent.  

  • Nibble: Your donation will go directly to Nibble immigrant food-entrepreneurs facing unemployment; many have no source of income right now. Donate here.
  • Projects SOUP: Your donations will support a crucially needed food pantry in East Somerville. Donate here.
  • Community Cooks: Your donation will fund a program in partnership with Forge Bakery that is delivering ready-to-eat meals to Somerville residents in quarantine. Donate here.
Message from a recent anonymous donor:

“I’m shut in my home, working and taking care of my family; right now making a donation is the one thing I can do for my community. It’s a small act but I hope it helps.”

Message from a Nibble entrepreneur:

“We are worried about how to pay the bills now that there is no income from our business. But people’s interest in how we are doing has touched our hearts.”

Plans for Nibble Kitchen

The Nibble team is busy planning how to safely re-open Nibble. We will start with pre-made meals.   However, it will probably be quite some time before we can get our regular rotation of Nibble chefs back in the kitchen for safety reasons. Please stay tuned.