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Carolina Garcia and Carolina Salinas are chefs at Nibble Kitchen and also recently opened their own restaurant, “Carolicious,” within Aeronaut Brewing.

“We have been in quarantine for a month, and several times we have thought to open our business for take out service. But we haven’t done that yet, our priority is our health. How are we going to continue Carolicious if something happens to one of us? .

We are worried about how to pay the bills now that there is no income from our business, but people’s interest in how we are doing has touched our hearts. We are especially thankful for Aly Lopez from Nibble Kitchen, Irene from Mei Mei Boaton, and the Aeronaut Brewing team. In addition to having us informed about the situation and the existing resources to support small businesses, some of them are doing fundraising campaigns to support small restaurants like us (Unsung Restaurants Campaign).

At home we have been cooking a lot, mostly sweets specialties like chocolate croissants, apple pie, and cookies. We have slowed down, and taken advantage of this time to paint some rooms and take care of things that we couldn’t had done since we opened our business.We continue having a positive attitude, praying too much for everyone. Undoubtedly this is a time of too much reflection and introspection. We are confident that we will become better human beings when all this ends.

How are you doing? please let us know. We miss you, and our close relationship with all our clients. We’d love to see you very soon, even if for now, it’s from a meter away.”

Photo credit: Iaritza Menjivar