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Nibble Chef Robson Lemos

Nibble entrepreneur, Robson Lemos, is a longtime Somerville resident and native of Bahia, Brazil. Before the COVID crisis hit us, Robson served Brazilian street food two days per week at Nibble Kitchen. Robson has been cooking up a storm from home, sharing his favorite dishes and recipes as part of our Nibble At Home campaign. Check his Instagram account, @robsonlemosactor, as he shows us how to cook Brazilian Moqueca, as well as international dishes like Banana Flambe and Pad Thai. Robson is also an established actor and likes to write. Here are some of his reflections on the current quarantine situation.

“Let’s take this moment to strengthen ourselves in front of life.

I was running so much I didn’t have time to think about myself.

I take this time to see myself deeply.

To sleep, rest, watch a movie, cook.

Do projects at home.

Meditate, have patience.

Let’s take this moment to strengthen ourselves in front of life.

It’s time to consider little things.

The sun from the window that comes to your house every day.

The sound of the birds.

And even the silence!”

Nibble Chef Afruza Akther

“I’m at home mostly all of the time these days, like many others. Nibble Kitchen is closed but I’m still working in a restaurant in Union Square a few hours per week; we serve only take out. I’m worried about the financial challenges that this situation is bringing, but moreover about my family. I’m lucky to be here with my husband and my daughter. We are okay and healthy, but I think a lot about the my two older bothers who are in Bangladesh. Both are doing everything they can to support our community, giving free food and encouraging people to stay at home—and even bringing water to keep people’s hands clean. In our country, there is a lack of education and a lot of people don’t understand the gravity of this situation. Access to water is not easy for everyone, and there is a lot of poverty, people have to go outside. There is no other choice. From here, I just think about them, and pray for for everyone.”

Afruza, and her husband Abu, sold Bengali specialties at Nibble Kitchen beginning last October —and look forward to coming back. Before the launch of Nibble Kitchen, however, for years Afruza served Bengali food to friends and at community meetings around Somerville.


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