Hails From:

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Her Specialty:

“Pães Caseiros,” handmade breads that are slightly sweet and have a delightful, slightly chewy texture

Her Story:

“Making this bread means a lot to me because it’s the same type of bread my mother used to make back in Brazil when I was a child. I remember one day, when we didn’t have enough money to buy all the ingredients to make the bread; so my mom had to throw out the yeast culture, which had been going for a long time. That is a memory that sometimes makes me cry, but at the same time encourages me to keep baking,” says Marcia.

Marcia, the mother of two sons and a daughter, started making bread in 2017. In order to get the perfect bread, she used to give free samples to friends, family, and neighbors in order to get feedback. After a year, and lots of positive reviews, she started selling her bread directly to customers and local Brazilian markets. “Today, I make the same bread my mom used to make, and I do it for living,” says Marcia.

Culinary Business Dream:

Her dream it’s to have a small café and bakery where she can make different types of breads, gluten-free cakes, and other baked goods. “I love what I do. It is a full time passion,” Marcia continues. “I’m so grateful the Nibble team believes in me and supports my business.” Marcia is excited to have the opportunity to sell her bread at Nibble Kitchen—and to share a taste of Brazil, and her youth—a whole new clientele.