Learn about the Lao food culture through a food demo and a 4 course meal.

When and where: Sunday 22, at 4:00 in Nibble Kitchen

In honor of AAPIH month, celebrate Asian cultures with The Lao Food Project, and enjoy a four-course meal along with a food demo and a bit of fun Lao food history to go along with it all.

The theme of the courses is for fish lovers! It’s going to be as authentic as it gets. That means toasted sticky rice powder, unfiltered fermented fish sauce, and extremely fragrant herbs that will make your nose zing.

Show up because you like funky delicious food, join because you want your taste buds to dance, and come because you want to spice up your food life.

Tickets are limited due to the kitchen space. Grab yours quickly to enjoy this small dinner party and the unique dining experience.



1st Course: Thomp Bpah

This light and brothy lemongrass galangal salmon soup is aromatic, medicinal, and will elevate the mood. It’s topped with sprinkles of dill and green spring onions for earthy goodness. Your body will feel loved and zen! A great way to start a 4-course meal.

2nd Course: Laap Bpah

This national dish of Laos is a spicy, savory, and herbaceous fish salad that is tossed in a refreshing citrusy umami vinaigrette.

3rd Course: Mohk Bpah

Unravel in the herbal and fragrant pouch of a steamed fish loaf that’s wrapped in banana leaves. This brightly flavored and wispy light dish is pleasantly comforting.

4th Course: Mango Sticky Rice

We finish the Lao food experience in honor of mango season by indulging in fresh mangoes with a side of sweet rice laced with coconut cream

About the Lao chef:

My name is Vekonda and I will be sharing my authentic family recipe and techniques straight from my Lao heritage and my momma’s kitchen. This class was brought to you by The Lao Food Project’s effort to preserve Lao culture in the U.S. by bringing America’s attention to authentic Lao cuisine by way of food shows, dinner parties, and cooking classes in the hopes of making Lao food become more mainstream. The Lao Food Project is an initiative of The Lao Project.

About The Lao Project:

I am the founder of The Lao Project, which is a collection of narrative portraits that highlight the life journey of Lao Americans for our future Lao American children to turn to. The long-term project provides a platform for Lao representation, to connect Lao communities across the nation, and to mentor future generations. We aim to preserve and empower Lao culture in America.

Follow us on IG @iamkohnlao . Learn more at www.vekonda.com/Laoproject