Cooking Class Series 2022

We’re so excited! The series will begin on June 7th. 

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Six Nibble Female Chefs

Nibble Kitchen is proud to present the Nibble Cooking Class Series 2022. Each class is led by a Nibble Chef and Program Graduate representing their home counties, cultures, and of course cuisines.

Our classes are two thirds cooking class, one third dinner party, and guaranteed to be hands-on, educational, and delicious! When dinner is ready, sit down around a communal table and share the meal that you have helped create.

June 7th

Northern and Southern Indian Cuisine


Learn all about the regional, cultural, and culinary influences that unite and differentiate between Northern and Southern Indian Cooking. Chef Kalpana and Chef Sheetal have designed this class to go beyond the standard American perception of Indian cuisine!

June 21st

Ethiopian Cooking


Dive into the Nibble Kitchen with Chef Meqdes Mesfin and learn to make several versions of Wot, a highly customizable Ethiopian stew, plus the injera (bread) and gomen (collard greens salad) that often accompany this delicious dish.

July 12th

Bolivian Cuisine

Dive into the Nibble Kitchen with Chef Sandra Saurez and learn to make traditional Bolivian Tortitas de Carne con Yuca, a delicious staple from the town of Beni in Bolivia.

July 19th

Lao Cuisine

Learn all about Mok Bpah, a traditional Lao dish served at weddings with the belief that as the ingredients marry together in an herbal steam bath, it is symbolic of the love of the newly married couple!

Aug. 2nd

Puerto Rican Cuisine

Learn all about Alcapurrias, a delectable Puerto Rican street food made with a dough of taro root and green plantains wrapped around a perfectly spiced ground beef, sofrito, and pepper filling and fried to perfection. 

Aug. 16th

Somali Cuisine 100% Vegetarian

Join Chef Nimco in the kitchen and learn to make a traditional and vegetarian Somali dinner. She will start with how to make the perfect Somali-style hummus from scratch, then for the main dish, fresh and light Somali lentil curry with tomatoes and herbs and a handmade green chili sauce.