Thursday, 6-9pm
Brazilian Street Food

Acarajé 13
3 Stuffed black-eyed pea fritters, whole shrimp and vatapa sauce
Contains gluten and peanuts

Moqueca 15
Stew made with fish, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, palm oil, coconut milk, and cilantro.
Served with white rice

Yuca Fries 12 (GF)
Crispy yuca fries loaded with Brazilian salsa, parmesan cheese, and ground beef

All dishes served with Brazilian salsa. Veg options available upon request.


Mint Horchata 4 (DF)
Plant base, made with quinoa, coconut milk, mint, and cane sugar
By Sandra Suarez

Guarana 2.50
Brazilian canned soda

Bottled Water 2

Friday and Saturday 2-9pm
Bengali Food


Shingara 3each ( DF, V+)

Spiced all-purpose flour turnover, stuffed with potatoes and peas flavored with onion, ginger, garlic, and spice blend.
Served with tangy tamarind sauce (DF, GF, V+)

Full Meal

Bengali bowls 14

Beef curry (Halal)

Fragrant beef stew with potatoes, red pepper and house spice blend (DF, GF,)

Lau curry (Veg)

Bottle gourd with tomatoes, house spice blend, and pepper (V, DF ,GF)

Both options are served with fragrant boiled basmati rice (Bhat).
As well as a lettuce salad with sliced cucumber, onion, tomatoes, and lemon.

Side of paratha 3 (DF,V+)
Hand-rolled layered flatbread

Drinks 16oz

Bengali Aloe Shorbot 5
Fresh aloe leaf juice with isabgol, basil seeds (tokma seeds) and cane sugar

Bengali Mango Lassi 5
Yogurt, Milk, and Mango pulp

Bolivian Mint Horchata 4
by Sandra Suarez
Plant base, made with quinoa, coconut milk, mint, and cane sugar

*Nibble Kitchen is not a nut-free establishment
*Please let us know if you have a food allergy
*Card and cash payment accepted