For the first time, Nibble is bringing two unique holiday dinners to your table: “Mehomandari” a Bengali Christmas Dinner with a royal Mughal touch, and “Reveillon” a New Year’s Eve Celebration, with a special Brazilan vibe from the coast of Bahia.

Whether you are marking the occasion at home by yourself or with family, let our Nibble Chefs cook for you! They will prepare a safe dinner and help you celebrate in an a deliciously unforgettable way!

A Bengali Feast for the Holidays!

When it’s time to celebrate a special event in Bangladesh, a feast is served that features Murgh Mussalam. This is a dish that has been served for centuries, initially in the royal courts of Mughals, explains Nibble Chef Afruza Akther, who hails from Narayanganj in Bangladesh. Whereas largely Hindu India does not eat meat, largely Muslim Bangladesh does eat meat, as long as it is halal.

“We make Murgh Mussalam for weddings in Bangladesh. It’s a special dish for a special occasion.”Afruza explains.

The version of Murgh Mussalam Afruza will be cooking this holiday season at Nibble Kitchen features a whole halal chicken, seasoned with a dazzling array of ingredients including yogurt, nuts, rose water, kewra water (distilled from pandanus flowers) and a spice mix that includes ginger, chile, nutmeg and saffron among many others. This regal dish will be served with pulao, a special Bengali rice dish, which is made with kalijira rice, a small-grained very aromatic rice.

This sumptuous Bengali meal will also come with a starter called shingara, turnovers spiced with black cumin, stuffed with potatoes, peas, peppers and corn and served with a tamarind sauce seasoned with fennel. To round out the meal with something sweet, Afruza is making payesh, a rice pudding featuring nuts and golden raisins and seasoned with cardamom. Are you hungry yet? ORDER HERE, Deadline December 21st at 5 pm

An authentic Brazilian dinner to receive 2021!

In Brazil, New Year’s Eve is called Reveillon, and it features a long, sumptuous dinner. Its name derives from the French word réveil, whichmeans “waking.” This New Year’s Eve, Nibble Chef Robson Lemos invites you to celebrate in a Brazilan way, which means eating Bacalhoada (salted cod fish patties), wearing white clothes, a color that means peace and harmony, staying awake until midnight, and enjoying a glass of champagne or white wine. A caipirinha would be appropriate too!

Bacalhoada is a Portuguese dish that is also popular in Brazil, especially at New Years. The Brazilian recipe has minor differences: it’s prepared with vidalia onions, Yukon potatoes, and hard boiled eggs.

This New Year’s Eve, Robson will be serving up not only Bacalhoada, but acarajé (black pea fritters with shrimp and a peanut sauce), as well—a specialty of Bahia. So you can choose from a platter of just Bacalhoada, just acarajé, or a platter featuring both. Either way, we promise it will be tasty, so get ready to feast Brazilian style, toasting with a glass of champagne, saying “Saúde!” ORDER HERE. Deadline December 28th at 5 pm