Hails From:

Mumbai, India.

Her Story:

Riti was raised in Mumbai, India where she was exposed to the best diversity of food India has to offer from all the different cultures within the country, from South Indian dosas to North Indian rice dishes. After coming to this country and having her daughter, she rediscovered her roots and has since mastered the humble good for the soul dishes that come from the heart of every Indian home. Riti enjoys cooking traditional Indian meals as well as as well adding her own creative spin, often fusing together different dishes from different regions and incorporating the dietary practices of Ayurveda.

Her Specialty:

Ayurvedic-inspired holistic recipes such as her “Ayurveda Bowls”, savory brunch recipes using chickpea flour or paneer, Indian street foods, and Kulfi ice cream with nuts and fragrant spices.

Culinary Business Dream:

Riti’s recipes are unique and she has entertained her family and friends who love her cooking. She would love to sell at Nibble Kitchen to test her recipes and also organize small brunch or high tea events. Riti is also interested in cooking demonstrations and, in general, would like to share more about her culture and traditions.

In her words:

“I enjoy channeling my creativity to re-create recipes that I grew up with without compromising on traditions. I would love for you to join me on this journey of discovering Indian traditions through food & stories.