Sandra SuarezHails From

Guayaramerín, Bolivia



Quinoa-focused items and beverages like Quinoa Mint Horchata and Chicha de Mani

Her Story

Sandra Suarez is a well-traveled woman with a philan- thropic spirit and a love for cooking and nutrition. A native of Bolivia, Sandra first left her country when she volunteered with the United Nations. She first spent 7 months in Haiti, and then later 7 months in Congo, alongside the Bolivian army as a civil volunteer. In Congo, she worked in the kitchen, which spurred her passion for feeding people. Later, she came to Boston, to study English and be with her now husband, originally from Brazil.


Culinary business dream

“Since I was seven years old, my grandmother made a dish—tijuré con leche [white corn porridge with milk] —that I used to help her sell, going door to door with the porridge in a pale. It was flavored with toasted plantain peels that were then crushed and turned into a tincture. This was her invention; it was very good. So since that age, this has always been the dream: to make good food and make a business out of it. I also want to teach people about nutrition and bring new healthy ingredients to the market, like quinoa. For example, I make a quinoa horchata and I also want to pursue making other products, like quinoa veggie burgers.” Sandra dreams of eventually having her own food business where she can sell her delicious and nutritious products.

Favorite cooking utensil

Sandra describes her favorite tool a huge wooden spoon. She explains, “It’s the tool that helps me introduce new flavors into whatever I’m making. And as you use it, you see the texture changing, things getting thicker.”

In Her Words

“I want to teach people how to make healthy food as well. I especially want to work with children and teach them how to eat and cook healthy food; this way good eating habits start early.”

Sandra got a stage to learn and be exposed to new techniques and cuisines. We can’t wait to have her back. Stay tuned, she is also developing a new menu! 

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