tempoand Meqdes MesfinSpecialty

Ethiopian fare offering a variety of vegan dishes like lentil salad and wots (stews) served with injera bread.

Her Story

In the very traditional society where she was raised,“ladies” didn’t cook; but Meqdes didn’t have a problem getting her hands dirty. She says:“This sounds cliche, but I learned a lot from my grand- mother. Perhaps not so much the details of recipes and such, but the resourcefulness, the innovative qualities.That’s who my hero is in this world and in the world of the cooking.”

Her Experience

Meqdes has been introducing Ethiopian food to the mainstream market for a long time, before coming joining Nibble with a business called Adey Foods, and with Nibble. She has sold her food at farmers’ markets, done catering remains one of our most popular Nibble cooking class teachers!

Culinary Business Dream

“I want Ethiopian food to be more readily available, for whoever wants it – both at home and for eating out,” says Meqdes. In the future, she would like to create her own food business and keep bringing her knowledge of flavor, ingredients and the overall food process to the greater community.

Meqdes just got a full time job, so she is taking a break from Nibble. Stay tuned because she will be teaching a cooking class with us soon. Congratulations Meqdes!

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