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Sandra Suarez

Sandra Suarez is a well-traveled woman with a philanthropic spirit and a love for cooking and nutrition. A native of Guayaramerín, Bolivia, Sandra first left her country when she volunteered with the United Nations.

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Meqdes Mesfin

In the very traditional society where she was raised, creativity, particularly in the kitchen, was not really a thing. She was considered a lady, and ladies didn’t cook, but she didn’t have a problem getting her hands dirty.

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Robson Lemos

Robson attended Scenic Arts at the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil and in 2004  got a student visa and visited his sister in the United States. Here he fell in love with the diversity of cultures and especially the food diversity.

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Estela Calzada

Estela playfully describes her journey with food as starting “because of necessity!” As Estela’s children grew older, Estela decided to move from Mexico City back to Vicente Guerrero, where she believed her family would have a better and safer life.

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