Robson LemosHails From

Bahia, Brazil


Robson’s signature dish is Acarajé, an Afro-Brazilian special- ty. He also likes to work with yucca and will be offering fried yucca with a variety of toppings.

His story

Robson came to the United States and fell in love with the diversity of cultures and especial- ly the food diversity. An avid fan of cooking since age 13, more recently he has since worked as a personal chef and restaurant manager and has extensive experience with Brazilian, Portuguese and Italian cuisine.

Culinary business dream

Robson’s dream is fueled by a belief that one’s identity—which often relates to food— connects them to the past: the history, culture and music of one’s country. He has a desire to communicate and connect with people through food and culture and his dream is to host an international food cooking show.

His Cooking Credo

Robson believes that food is sacred and cre- ates spiritual connections.Therefore every time, before cooking, he sets his intention to cook by meditating. Food is also a gift and as one, it should always be presented beautifully so that it can either heal or make one feel better.

Find Him at Nibble Kitchen

Brazilian Street Food on Thursdays and Fridays from 5pm-10pm. Robson serves an Afro-Brazilian dish from his native state of Bahia. *Nibble features a rotating global menu, make sure to follow us via Facebook and Instagram for the very latest updates.