Find them at Nibble Kitchen

Saturday Dinner from 5pm – 9pm and Sunday Brunch from 11am.- 3pm.  This dynamic duo are masters of the arepa — the ultimate Venezuelan street food, a sliced corn patty with a variety of fillings. The “Carolicious” brand of arepa are extra tasty thanks to their signature creamy basil sauce. *Nibble features a rotating global menu, make sure to follow us via Facebook and Instagram for the very latest updates.

Hail From

Caracas, Venezuela



The Story and Business Concept

This super dynamic duo, who call their business “Carolicious,” are the seasoned veterans of our Nibble program, having taken all our workshops and vended with Nibble over 50 times. Shortly after join- ing our program, they honed in on their gluten-free arepas – griddled corn cakes stuffed with meat or vegetarian filling, cheese, and finished with their signature creamy basil sauce.They have never looked back and continue to gain fans of their addictive arepas.

Culinary Business Dream

Their dream has been realized! In August 2019, Garcia and Salinas opened their own restaurant in Aeronaut Brewery.We are so incredibly proud of them and wish luck; they’ll continue to be part of the Nibble family, as well.

In Their Words

“The arepa is like a coffee.You share it with some- one and it starts conversations.We grew up eating arepas and we raised our kids with them.To us, sharing our arepas is our way of connecting with other cultures. It is a way to show our roots. We think by telling our story through the food, we can make relationships with other people from different backgrounds.”