Post on September 21st

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the Fluff Festival cometh this Saturday. Beyond heaps of tomfoolery and entertainment all relating to Somerville’s famous white goo, look for our Nibble culinary entrepreneurs, who will be vending horchata, sweet cheese empanadas, and whoopee pies—all whipped up using fluff!

Fluff Festival & Nibble: Pure Innovation

“The Fluff Festival is a fun, funky, and quirky event, a tribute to a local invention,” said Esther Hanig, USMS Executive Director who along with the support of a hundred of volunteers, sponsors, and local businesses make the Fluff Festival a raucous reality. In addition to live music and entertainment for all ages, get ready to get a serious sugar dose! When it comes to our Nibble entrepreneurs, here’s what you can expect…

horchata290Aguas Frescas: Fluffified Horchata & Cucumber Water

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Balbina and Miguel, Nibble Entrepreneurs

“Fresh waters” are a combination of fruits, cereals, flowers, or seeds blended with a little bit of sweetener and water. These non-alcoholic drinks are served mainly throughout Latin America and have become popular in some eateries around the U.S. What some people like most about agua fresca is that it can be served unfiltered. Unlike regular juice, you drink all the fiber that is in the fruit.

Aguas frescas are especially popular in Mexico, where some of the more common flavors include tamarind, pineapple, hibiscus, and agua de horchata. At the Fluff fest, Nibble entrepreneurs Miguel and Balbina Altamirano will be selling two types of agua frescas: cucumber, lime & chia, and a fluffified horchata — an extraordinary sweet cinnamon-flavored oatmeal drink with a little dollop of fluff at the top! It’s got a lovely milkshake quality, but contains no dairy. For more info on horchata in general, check out our Somerville horchata guide here: Ode to horchata. Or go the super healthy route and enjoy the green combo with cucumber, chia, and lime. Are you thirsty now? Miguel and Balbina have you covered!

Sweet Cheese Empanadas & Whoopie pies

Colombian native Monica Zepulveda and “Carolicious” from Caracas, Venezuela also will have fluffy fare for sale. Monica is whipping up sweet cheese empanadas with a coffee-tinged fluff sauce as well as a meat empanada with a salsa fired up with habanero. Meanwhile Carolicious will offer their traditional arepas as well as gluten-free flufferrific whoopee pies. Talk about Somerville invention!

Head to to check everything you need to know about the festival. Don’t miss this fun time in the heart of Union Square this coming Saturday, 9/24 from 3-7 PM (rain date 9/25).