This Saturday, FOR ONE DAY ONLY, Estela Calzada (Somerville resident, Tu y Yo restaurant alum, and star Nibble cooking instructor) will be serving up piping hot tamales and spiced Mexican coffee at Kitchen Inc, starting at 9am.

For the uninitiated, tamales (or tamal, singular) is a traditional mesoamerican dish made of masa (a starchy corn-based dough) steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper (such as a corn husk or banana leaf)  and can be filled with meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, or chilis. The ultimate mexican comfort food, tamales can be eaten at any time of day – but are traditionally a breakfast treat, commonly enjoyed around the holiday season.

Estela will be offering 2 fresh Tamales and a homemade beverage for just $10, available first come first serve. Three different tamales will be featured: Oxaquenos (chicken seasoned with yerba santa and chiles, wrapped in banana leaves), Mole (chicken with Estela’s famous mole sauce), or sweet Mexican chocolate tamale. Wash it all down with an authentic Cafe de la Olla (coffee sweetened with piloncillo and spiced with cinnamon and orange zest) or a warm cup of Ponche (a hot holiday punch featuring hibiscus tea with apples, tamarind, and cinnamon). Que Rico!

estella_webAs part of our Nibble programming (including market tours, food festivals, and cooking classes), the Arts Council has come to recognize the valuable intersection between food and  culture as a driving force of economic development. For many of the instructors and market owners we’ve met along the way (many of them recent immigrants), sharing his/her country’s food through classes, catering, hosting dinners, etc. is not only a way for these Somerville residents to share their culture with others, but is also a way to generate a real income.

While this will be Estela’s first ever breakfast venture, it will be her third pop-up experiment hosted at Kitchen Inc. She’s hosted two lavish three-course dinners, featuring her homemade Turkey Mole and Chiles en Nogada, and now she’s excited to test out the “Union Square Donut” model of a first-come first-serve breakfast. This determined home-trained chef has become the exemplary model for culinary entrepreneurship for the Somerville Arts Council, her energy for Line up this Saturday for a fresh taste of tamales – and culinary Entrepreneurship!

The Deets

What:Tamale Breakfast
When: Sat, Dec. 6, 2014, 9am-12pm
Where: Kitchen Inc, 201 Somerville Ave.
$10 for choice of two tamales and hot beverage of your choice
Take yours to go or enjoy seating at Kitchen Inc.