Posted on Tuesday April 12th

Cooking Class in the Spotlight

Community, Culture, and Culinary Arts. That’s what we celebrate in our Nibble cooking classes, where many of our class takers are well connected in the Somerville community. Nimco’s Moroccan class was a great example of how these three themes came together in a fun and enjoyable way.


Nimco in her element cooking up our dinner. Putting that grill to good use.

Nimco, a Somerville resident originally from Somalia, by way of London, is a life long collector of interesting and unique cooking and tableware of every assortment. As the affinity for kitchen tools grow, the space to house them shrinks! This eventually leads to a kitchen tool purge that benefits anyone looking for that hard to find kitchen piece. Raquel Romao, one of our cooking class students from Brazil, was one such beneficiary who met Nimco years ago at one of her cookware yard sales. 


Pictured Left to Right: Mise en place for our Moroccan chicken marinade. Preserved lemons.

Another one of our class students, Lucy Hahn, is just finishing up her 8 week session in Intercambio, the SAC’s language and cultural exchange initiative that meets every Wednesday night at SCALE. Participants in Intercambio are partnered with language learners looking to improve a second language and spend equal time teaching and learning with their partners. Two of our Nibble entrepreneurs and Spanish speakers in Intercambio, Miguel and Balbina from Mexico were also in attendance at Nimco’s class and happened to see Lucy, their intercambio partner.

Next Cooking Classes

This Thursday, we’ll be connecting with the food of the Aztec’s in Estela’s Vegetarian cooking class. With only two classes left in our Spring series, we hope to continue to connect those passionate about their diverse community and to support the culinary arts while having fun learning about culture and food.



Check out the class descriptions and considering joining us for either our Moroccan class or Venezuelan/Mexican class  for the last two Thursdays in April.

A shout out to Anna Spaller for taking these awesome photos as well! -Nick Schonberger