Afruza Akther

Hails From

Narayanganj, Bangladesh

Her Story

Afruza’s name means godsent brightness. She specializes in Bengali food, preparing it the traditional way, for her family and for the community, where she is very active. She explains that Bengali food can only be made with much love, time and attention. Afruza takes pride in carrying the name of her culture by offering high quality Bengali dishes.

Her Specialty

Murgir Roast (chicken marinated in yoghurt sauce and spices) this is especially made for visitors.

Culinary Business Dream 

Afruza plans to take part in the Nibble Kitchen and offer catering services for office lunches and group dining. She aspires to rent her own space to offer Bengali food to the community. Afruza likes to grow step by step and, as she adds,“Inshallah.”

Favorite Cooking Utensil

Curved flat wooden spatula because it is so versatile!

In Her Own Words

 “When you make food you cannot go somewhere you have to be there and watch it all the time. That is what makes it tasty.”