Happy New Year! If you’re looking for something special to cook New Year’s Day, Nibble suggests the Haitian specialty, soupe jomou (click here for Soupe Jomou recipe). A fragrant pumpkin bisque flavored with thyme and nutmeg, soupe joumou is cooked by Haitians around the world every January 1st  to celebrate Haitian Independence Day. It was Jan. 1st, 1804 when Haiti cast off the shackles of slavery, declared independence from France, and became the first modern black nation. On this day former slaves gathered at Place d’Armes de Gonaives to share soupe joumou, a dish that was previously reserved for wealthy land owners. To this day, soup joumou symbolizes communion and freedom among Haitians.

Local Judith Laguerre (featured in our Riz au djon djon cooking video) says Haitians often eat soup joumou on Sundays and always on New Year’s Day. “I will call my friends to wish them a Happy New Year and ask: Have you made your soupe joumou yet?”

We suggest making this delicious and nutritious soup some Sunday soon. Before your first taste, raise your spoon and declare: “liberte ou la mort!”