Mexico native Estela Calzada offers students a hands-on experience cooking Pozole, a soup that is so hearty it’s meal on its own! Dating back to the Aztecs, Pozole features corn (large hominy kernels), pork, chile ancho, chile guajillo, garlic, onion, and topped off with a fresh salad dressed and lime to suit your taste. These days, Pozole is eaten all over Mexico, especially on September 26th, the day of Mexican Independence. Our Pozole will be paired with an exotic Ponche, a warm tropical fruit punch with guava and tamarind; perfect for the cold weather. After we’ve made our Pozole and Ponche, we’ll sit down and feast together and Estela will regale us with exciting stories about the cultural and culinary traditions of Mexico. Tickets are $40 for the 3-hour class and full meal! Click here and register.

When: Dec 13th, 2015; 3pm-6pm
Where: at Union Kitchen located on 121 Washington Street Somerville, Massachusetts 02143


Estela demonstrating how to use “metate”. Students will be able to crush chiles using “metate” in her class.