Posted on IMG_2829February 9th, 2016

A memorable evening with our Syrian duo

After weeks of anticipation for the SAC’s Nibble Cooking series, our Syrian duo took center stage for a memorable evening of food and culture.

Our group of classmates were thoroughly engaged from the very beginning. Sam kicked it off with a snack of pita bread, olive oil, and Za’atar spice. A blend of thyme, cumin, sesame, and other spices, this simple starter adjusted our palates and eased our stomachs as we began the cooking class.

I won’t go into all the details, but Sam and Samah we’re a great duo to start off our series. Samah’s Malfouf was the epitome of your mother’s home cooking. I think all of us were secretly jealous of Sam’s position as son to such an amazing cook.


Banadora Soup. One of the Starters from our Syrian class. This one was made with beef, onions, tomatos, vermicelli, paprika, and lemon juice. Yum!

The highlight of the night far and away was meeting the different classmates from Somerville and beyond. Some of our students we’re regulars and have been participating for a couple years now, while many were new faces that we hope to see again soon.

At the end of our class, sitting down with our chefs to a relaxing meal of Syrian comfort food was the icing on the cake. Listening to Syrian music and filling our belly’s on a cold evening with new friends is a great way to start your weekend early —Nick Schonberger

More culinary adventures:

With Ellie Tigalo with Filipino cuisine coming up next and Judith Laguerre with Haitian cuisine in the hole, February 2nd thursdays can be your culinary adventure night.

If you haven’t already secured your spot in our series, make sure to get your tickets for our March classes before it’s too late. Madhu and Nimco are excited to get cooking with you! Hope to see you all there.