Hails From

Sonora, Mexico

His Story

Daniel has worked in the food industry for more than ten years, first as an employee of restaurants and then as a business owner. During this time, he perfected his recipe for “Milanesa,” a thin cut of meat that is breaded and fried—a very popular dish in Mexico.  He sold Milanesas not only in his small restaurant but also in a food truck; he has plenty of catering experience as well.


Mexican Milanesa, served with salad and a side. Daniel has many spins on the Milanesa, including traditional Milanesas made with beef, pork, and chicken, but also innovative other types of Milanesas like lamb, shrimp. Due to a high demand in vegetarian options, he also makes tasty eggplant and zucchini versions of this dish.

Culinary Business Dream

Daniel came to Boston with the dream to open a fast-food restaurant. His business concept allows guests to customize their perfect meal: Each customer can choose their favorite meat or vegetables, the type of salad and a side from several options including fries, pasta or potatoes. He offers a variety of sauces to complement the meal, including a spicy jalapeño option that nods to his heritage.

In His Words

“Milanesa is a typical and favorite dish of Mexican families. Many people from other countries do not know abou it! I would love to have my own chain of restaurants outside my country that offer this delicious typical dish for an affordable price—and with the characteristic seasoning of Mexican food!

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