Hails From:

Tijuana, Mexico

His Specialty:

Tijuana-style birria de res, which is beef cooked slowly in a consommé made with California dried chilies and spices. The tender meat is served either in crispy tacos or as a quesabirria, which is a quesadilla featuring chopped beef. The dish includes consommé for dipping and handmade salsas. Hiram plans to add to his menu ramen cooked the birria consommé, a Tijuana specialty. Wondering what makes the Tijuana-style birria unique? It is the use of beef and the rich mix of spices and chilies in the consume.

His Story:

Hiram’s love affair with tacos started at a young age. Growing up in Tijuana, his father used to take him out for tacos often. Even after they moved to San Diego, Hiram and his family crossed the border frequently just to enjoy birria.

“What I love about tacos in Tijuana is that everyone enjoys them. No matter your age or social class, having tacos is a special part of our society,” says Hiram.

With family roots in Tijuana and Mexico City, and after having traveled far away to places like Israel, Hiram’s knowledge of food, cookery, and cultural heritage is diverse and runs deep.

Culinary Business Dream:

Since moving to Boston over 20 years ago, Hiram has been perfecting his tacos; and increasingly, he has wanted to share the Tijuana taco flavors with his family and friends. After a recent trip to Tijuana, he felt especially motivated and ready to learn what entails to open a food business. Hiram’s goal is open taquerias across the Boston Metro area, including the South and North Shores. Taquisimo, his business dream, is the opportunity to share his “Tijuana-taco culture” with the community in Somerville, and create a feeling of home in the process.