Northern Somalia

Her story: Nimco’s cuisine is “Somali food with a twist.” Growing up in the northern region of Somalia, then living in Egypt and London she was able to build upon a wide range of experiences that would ultimately shape her unique perspective on food. She derives inspiration from wholesome, sustainable ingredients and honors all parts of the culinary process as she puts it, “from the ingredient, to how you serve it, to what you serve it on.” Her commitment is to serve food grown with care and sustainability and strike a balance between quality and affordable cuisine.

Specialty: Spiced Moroccan Chicken, Somali Samosas (“They’re a kind of Somali street food that I make with two different types of chutneys,” she explains.)

Culinary business dream: Nimco participated in successful pop-up Nibble restaurants and teaches cooking classes at the Milk Street Cooking School and of course Nibble cooking classes. Looking forward, she plans to write a Somali cookbook.

Favorite cooking utensil: Out of her global collection, which includes Dutch skillets, Turkish coffee pots, Slovenian spoons and English rolling pins, Nimco finds it hard to pick just one. But when pressed, she says, “I am so absolutely in love with so many cooking utensils, it is really hard to say just one – a sharp knife and a great cutting board are my favorite things.”

Moroccan Spiced Chicken