This Saturday from 10am to noon, there will be a rally at City Hall to show support that Somerville is a Sanctuary City. It also will be an opportunity to celebrate our city’s diversity and inclusion — which happens to be what we do here at Nibble, as well!

And to show our solidarity, the Nibble team will be at the rally handing out free samples until they run out.

Nimco Mahumud-Hassan, a Nibble member since 2015 and a native of Somalia, will be making Somali pancakes at the event. “We’ll be serving them with American maple syrup,” she notes. “This is because everything tastes better when you mix it up—just as the world is a better place when people from all backgrounds come together.”

“For me, being at the rally will be a form of protest,” Nimco continues.  “We must not forget what has happened in history and we cannot let those in power scapegoat the weak.”


Nimco Muhamud-Hassan will be serving Somali pancakes with her son Aden this Saturday.


Mexico will also be well represented on Saturday: Estela Calzada, a longtime Nibble participant who has taught numerous classes and held several pop-up restaurants, will be serving up Mexican “ponche,” a hot fruit tea made with hibiscus, tamarind, other fruit and spices. Miguel and Balbina Altamirano, meanwhile, will be offering up tostadas and atole, a traditional hot Mexican beverage made with rice, milk and cinnamon.


Estela Calzada with her son Elias at ArtBeat. Su comida es muy rico; come try her ponche!


Nibble entrepreneurs Miguel and Balbina hail from Cuernavaca, Mexico. Their son is Somerville High School graduate.


And last but certainly not least, Carolina García and Carolina Salinas, who hail from Caracas, Venezuela, will be giving out samples of their arepas, corn cakes filled with tomato, cheese and basil mayo. (You can also taste their addictive Venezuelan eats every Wednesday night at Aeronaut!)


“Las Carolinas” exude enthusiasm for their country and its food. These two Nibble entrepreneurs hope to open a business here in Somerville.


We are so very proud of our Nibble team and we thank them for volunteering their time and talents to share their food and culture with the public at the rally. We also thank Foundation Kitchen, which is offering us kitchen time without charge. Solidarity!

Look for Nibble in front of the High School, in the corner on the far side of City Hall. Samples until they run out.